Berlin V: Döner Kebab

Right around Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin, we found a perfect place to eat döner kebab! It was my first time trying it. Döner is a Turkish “roasting meat” prepared on a vertical rotating spit, and sliced off. We tried the Döner im brots (which is German for “Döner in bread”) and enjoyed them with Erdinger Weißbräu outside … Continue reading

Berlin IV: Flying Bach

We waited in line for a pretty long time to see German B-Boy crew Flying Steps perform to Bach at the Neue Nationalgalerie museum in Berlin, and although we found out the show was completely sold out (we were very bummed), I was able to document the entire thing from outside (the audience was prohibited from taking pictures from … Continue reading

Berlin III: Potato Pancakes

We went into KaDaWe a department store our moms would love. After scoping out the different choices for a late lunch, we decided on the one traditional German spot in the food court (which was a dream come true). The recipes prepared potatoes in different ways. We had a Bitburger beer with our potato pancakes and … Continue reading

Berlin II: Currywurst

  Maximilian’s is our favorite currywurst stand in Berlin, Germany. 

Berlin I: Meat + Potatoes

Annette’s german-style homemade meatballs with potatoes and bechemel cream sauce.