Kamakura II: Shops + Komachi

Kamakura I: Great Buddha (Daibutsu 大仏)

Kikuna III: Obaachama’s Vintage

Kikuna II: Teppanyaki

Yokohama I: Engagement (Konyaku 婚約)

An engagement (konyaku 婚約) is a very special celebration indeed. There are several dishes with ingredients that symbolized longevity (like the mochi) and happiness (symbolized by the chrysanthemum). Each dish was presented in a very creative way, without sparing deliciousness. The final dish was a chirashi zushi that was prepared to be eaten in two … Continue reading

Hakone I: Hot Springs (Onsen 温泉)

One of the most majestic experiences of my life was spent in the gorgeous pool of the Hakone Hisui with my grandma (祖母), as she swam quietly back and forth. The indoor pool was surrounded completely by a glass wall, so while we swam, we were mesmerized by the breathtaking view of pristine and peaceful green … Continue reading