About Kuishimbo

When I was growing up, I was called two things in Japanese (my mom’s side is Japanese): “doji” (どじ) which means a klutz and “kuishimbo” (食いしん坊) which means a glutton or grubber (someone who really loves to eat). In college, in our Taiwanese class (my dad’s side is Taiwanese), I learned you can greet your friends by saying “Chap pa boe!” or literally, “Have you eaten yet?” I continue to appreciate grubby food, both locally and internationally, and I’ve recently gotten back into one of my favorite hobbies: photography. Kuishimbo is my photoblog, where I can share photographs (and sometimes, video) I’ve taken in various cities about food, art/music/culture, and other experiences that I get excited about.

Photography  |   Food   |   Art   |   Music   |  Culture

6 Responses to “About Kuishimbo”
  1. lisa kawamoto hsu says:

    erica, this is fantastic. i am so incredibly impressed and intrigued and simply love your blog. can i share with others? i love it. how amazing. love, lisa

  2. Alta says:

    Erica!!! I’m just seeing this for the first time…I love the concept and the history behind the name (adorable!) and I love your photography! Amazing. Keep it up!

  3. sgrodin says:

    Hsu bear, you’ve totally inspired me to redo my travel blog – but I need design help! Haha. Yours is amazing!

  4. Leslie, your little sis says:

    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ i'm so blessed i get to experience this all with you! maybe i should do my own blog…hmmm….!!!

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