FLY PROJECT TV is a video + multimedia project focused primarily on my peers in the Bay Area (+ beyond) who are extremely passionate, motivated and driven. They are passionate about a variety of different fields, from food to art to startups to social justice to djing to graphic design, and they are going for it.

I’m exploring what it takes to actually pursue a life doing what you really enjoy doing, what you love + get excited about, and how to make it happen + make it work. I am talking to my peers around me to help me answer a few questions about how to do this (how they are doing it), and documenting them using my camera.

Here is the 10 minute rough cut of the FLY PROJECT featuring Becky, a pastry chef at Facebook (she blogs at Be.Baking) and Danielle, Co-Founder of GenJuice (she tweets @danielleleslie). It was selected by the Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC) to appear in BAVC’s 4×10 workshop on May 17th. FLY PROJECT TV is due to launch later in 2012 on

SPECIAL THANKS to Danielle, Becky, and my sister for being trailblazers, and inspiring the FLY PROJECT to get off the ground!

5 Responses to “FLY PROJECT TV”
  1. milla says:

    so proud of you, erikita! cannot wait to see all the interviews.

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