Oakland VII: Oakland Art Murmur

The Oakland Art Murmur takes place every first Friday of the month, and it’s free. You can check out the map of all of the art galleries that open their doors here. In addition, you can expect to find many live street performances (during a previous first Friday, there was capoeira and drumming, for example) and this past Friday, there was a band playing with loudspeakers powered by two guys pedaling continuously on a 2-story bicycle. Although I normally start on Telegraph Avenue around the Rock Paper Scissors Collective, this time we started on 25th Street. There was a violinist performing inside one of the galleries, and she was recording parts of her songs with her foot, replaying and playing over parts of her recorded violin. The result was very beautiful. Upstairs at the Vessel Gallery, there were several interesting small bronze sculptures and also handmade jewelry, and i liked the space – it felt like a very spacious attic. Toward the end of our night, my friend convinced me to share a freshmade calzone from the Boffo Cart. These guys are really friendly, and they were set up on the sidewalk right around the Stork Club, next to the Hella Vegan Eats vegan tamale stand. The Boffo Cart chef was rolling out fresh dough right there, filling the dough with various fillings another chef had prepared, and firing calzones up on a grill. We had the Japanese eggplant, basil, cherry tomatoes, and mozzarella filling, and it hit the spot!

 ©2010 Erica K. Hsu

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