Paris II: Latin Quarter + Le Marais

We walked from the Latin Quarter to Le Marais. The Latin Quarter is near the Sorbonne, and it’s full of amazing little streets, full of patisseries or boulangeries and even, a French deli, that you can see above. We stopped for fresh pressed juices from the Sugar Plum Cake Shop which was the perfect place for my friend and I to get rest on our walk. You can choose from an assortment of fruits and ingredients, such as ginger, carrot, apple, grapefruit, and more, and choose any combination you’d like, and they’d make it. It was lovely, and they also had a wonderful display of custom designed cakes, in addition to a beautiful assortment of pastries, from sugar cookies to gingerbread. The woman who made our juice was one of the founding patissiers. They founded the shop with two Americans and a Canadian pastry chef, and really did a great job of providing a really nice atmosphere that felt inviting and welcoming, and their juices were delicious. My favorite stop we made in Le Marais was at Cacao et Chocolat. I had the salted caramel macaron, which was the first big macaron I had ever tried, and I’ll remember it forever. It was the best. They also had really yummy dark chocolate and milk chocolate with pistachios and assorted nuts and dried fruit, which I brought back with me to the United States. 

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