The very talented YAKfilms & thePEOPLE presented the BEST OF THE EAST BAY 2on2 Dance Battle last Friday in Jack London Square. I caught a few highlights from the after party here, but you can find amazing videos YAKfilms have done on their Vimeo page and on YouTube. They compiled all the highlights in this video called “Home Grown 2010” here. This video “RIP Rich” is incredible. It is about “TURF Dancers from Oakland, CA honoring Dreal’s brother (the man in the white shirt is Dreal) who died on this same street corner the night before this rainy day. Dancers featured are from the TURF FEINZ crew. YAK FILMS…started a few blocks away from that corner, in East Oakland, CA.” -YAKfilms. I feel so inspired by their videos – they are so creative. “RESPIRATION” is breath-taking.  I love “PARIS METRO SWAGGERS by YAKfilms featuring Melyn, Rizou, Amira, Julie, Jo and Marion“, “RIP 211” and TURF FEINZ in “It Was Written”. And, the first one I ever saw is really impressive: Los Rakas’ song “Soy Raka”.

“After Party” @ BEST OF THE EAST BAY 2on2 DANCE BATTLE // Jack London Square 2010 from Kuishimbo on Vimeo.

Featured image courtesy of YAK Films and Yoram Savion via Oakland Local.

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